.Test execution task

Execution Attributes

configStringSpecifies test configuration (ie. config=source://configuration)
ignoreErrorsbooleanSet to true if you don't want to kill the build when an error occurs
dottestHomeStringSpecifies home directory of DotTest
dottestSkipbooleanSkips DotTest execution
dottestTimeoutlongTimeout in seconds Default value is: 1800
localsettingsFileReads the local setting file for global preferences, such as Report Center, email, and Team Server settings Default value is: $basedir/
nobuildbooleanPrevents rebuilding the project before testing it
publishbooleanPublishes the reports to the Team Server
reportStringRelative path to destination for report file Default value is: "report/parasoft/test.html"
showdetailsbooleanPrints detailed test progress information
skipbooleanSkip Parasoft Test
solutionStringSpecifies the location of the solution to use
solutionConfigStringName of solution configuration, e.g. Debug or Release.
targetPlatformStringSpecifies which version of Visual Studio should be used.

Attributes as nested elements

resourceStringSpecifies the path to the solution resource to test

Parameter Details


Specifies the path to the workspace resource to test

  • Type: String
  • Required: No